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Pond Rehabilitation

We are looking for technical guidance on pond rehab/cleaning if anyone can support.

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I presume that we are talking about brackish water ponds for aquaculture rather than fresh water ponds.

Pond rehabilitation was a problem in Aceh where half of all brackish water ponds were destroyed. The expert in this area appears to be the Austrian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) who was heavily involved in the rehabilitation of ponds in Aceh.

It might be worth contacting them directly. Their website is:

One interesting point was that for brackish water ponds in Aceh, the exposure of the soil to the air led to acidification of the soil, bringing the need for soil treatment to raise the pH as well as rebuilding bunds etc.


John Cosgrave

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I suggest you contact Duncan Mara, at Leeds Uni, who is probably the key authority on this subject in the UK: Regards, Mark Buttle

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Whole document at:


Duncan Mara

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