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list of early warning equipment to be distributed among communities

A question from Ghulam Rasool, Pakistan: I need the list of early warning equipment to be distributed among communities. The early warning focus is flood, livelihood. The literacy rate of community is at lowest level.

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Dear Ghulam

Thanks for your question --just a few points for clarification:

  1. Is the list for members of local communities to request the equipment from outside the area when an early warning notice is issued?

  2. Is it intended that the equipment would be stored centrally in the area prone to natural emergencies for distribution when an early warning is issued or stored in, for example, in peoples's homes all the time?

  3. Would the list include instructions for the use of the equipment?

  4. Any other points?

Please post your response as an answer to your original question.

Kind regards, Leigh

LC Jones

RedR KnowledgePoint Moderator

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Dear Gulam, I will try to respond to your query

  1. I assume the hazard is Flood

  2. equipment and materials in the community: hand siren, hand mic, ropes, torches, whistles, life jacket, boat, blue/ yellow/ red colour flags/ enamels, ring-tubes. may be you can also provide some tools like pick, shawel, etc.

  3. you need to provide cell phone numbers of district police, chief district officer, river gauge reader to key people like chair of local/ village/ community disaster management committee, coordinators of task forces (ews tf, rescue/relief tf, etc.)


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