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Closing a field office

I am in the process of supporting staff to close a field office. The staff have asked for a checklist or guide. I have seen guides on opening offices but not on closing. Would you know some good sites with resources for me?



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From my previous experience in handing-over a project, the following is fundamental:

• HR regulations/law in country

• Original MoU with government or national party. What does this state?

• Donor regulations? What does the donor want done with the equipment? Most donors are pretty clear about this, if it isn’t in the funding agreement get in touch with your HQ or with the donor procurement specialists.

• Organisational regulations? What does the organisation do?

• Contracts in place? For staff, compound, offices, etc.

• People; what is being done to ensure that staff can find work?

• Communication with beneficiaries. Does everyone understand why the project is being decommissioned?

• Paper work. Everything needs documenting! Donations, movements, waybills etc…

The best thing I would suggest is find someone (a) in government locally (b) with the governing UN body for your area/Cluster lead agency for what has been done in the past.



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