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First request of many im sure. Basically I’m looking at our systems, especially in terms of backup and holding soft copy files. And looking to ensure we have a solid system, if our assets are confiscated. This is a technology query really. Situation: At the moment, most of the staff are roving, which means that we all have different versions of the same files; and only share when we see each other, or when we have meetings. We also do not have any backup procedures apart from a monthly/regular cut of laptop harddrives, by an external IT provider. We have one server at the capital office, and a total of 3 other field sites. Secondly with the government situation as it is, we don’t know if our assets will be confiscated at any point. I wanted to know, what procedures other organizations have in place to minimize loses in data? And secondly how can we ensure we have the most up-to-date information? Is it worth looking into file transfer sites, or are there any other mechanisms of ensuring information is not lost? Due to the sensitivity of the query, I would prefer if my name and organisation was removed from the query.

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I assume that we are discussing an international NGO. If this is the case, there are a couple of options –

1 – email: This should be hosted by an ISP which does not delete messages off the sever after a specific period of time. This way, all individuals can keep copies of emails on the POP server so that at least inbound email history can be retained on an ongoing basis.

2 – Head office in a city outside of Sudan could set up a FTP site where the team can dump data. Internet have been good in both Nyalla and Khartoum. This means that if data is moved on a regular basis, there should not be a vast quantity piling up.



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