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Is anyone willing to conduct a check of a seismic assessment for a half finished monastery hostel in Kathmandu?

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE SUPPORT Ka Nying Shedrubling monastery (locally known as Seto Gompa), located in Boudha, Kathmandu was in the middle of building two new hostel buildings when the 2015 earthquake struck. Although we have engaged a local engineering firm to to conduct a seismic assessment we have some concerns about the analysis and are looking for someone who would be able to conduct a check of their model, analysis and summary advice they gave (demolish 2 storeys). Finding someone locally has proved difficult and so if anyone would be willing to do this remotely, it would be much appreciated. Due to the current strain on finances posed by damage to monastery properties across Nepal and reconstruction support being given to rural communities, we will not be able to pay international rates for this work. If you feel able to support this activity, or would just like more details, please contact me. For more info about the monastery and it's social work arm: Thanks in advance