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Hospital Waste Disposal South Sudan


I have a question regarding Health Care Waste Management for a large hospital in South Sudan ( 300-400 beds including large maternity unit and operating theatre).

I would your advice on the best type of incinerator to treat the health care waste before disposal to a covered and sealed pit.

It is proposed that there will be waste seperation in place at ward level for sharps, organic and burnable waste.

I would be grateful if you could advise me on the besty option for incineration or alternatives to consider if appropriate.

Many thanks, David

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Pauline, David,

There has been a lot of work done at de Montford Unicversity by the De Montofrd Medical Waste Incinerator Group (MWIG) that was set up by Pofessor Picken, who I believe has now retired, but possibly still active. They have a website and also a series of designs. The largest capacity seems to be 50 kg per hour of waste, which may be sufficient for your needs, but I am sure they would be able to provide assistance if a larger capacity would berequired.

I hope this helps,



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My advice would be don't try to burn anything other than the plastics & paper. Put the organics and contaminated (non-sharps) waste in a covered pit. Drop the sharps boxes direct into a sharps pit. For incinerator models, see de Montford.

Best wishes,


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The key to an effective waste incinerator for medical wastes is a temperature above 800oC with a residence time over 1 second.

The "De Montfort" medical waste incinerator was developed specifically to achieve these criteria and have been built around the world. I have no direct expereince of this incinerator but there is a dedicated website which should be worth vsiting (assuming access):


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